Twitter events

Interesting case study here from PSFK where Bibendum Wines of London invited influential social media wine bloggers to tweet about their experiences at their live wine tasting event. Believe it or not, this ended up reaching the top of the Trend chart on Twitter around the same time as Obama’s inauguration. No mean feat!

Wine tasting may seem rather niche and high brow to some but the principles of engaging Key Opinion Formers to road test products are the same in any industry.
  • Haute couture brands could invite fashionista microbloggers to fashion shows or factory tours
  • FMCG brands could ask influential microbloggers if they’d like to receive a free sample of the latest product and invite them to tweet about it.
  • Charities could run Twestivals
  • Telecoms brands could invite early adopter microbloggers to be the first to trial their latest phone
  • Car brands could invite influential auto microbloggers to a test drive event  and ask them to tweet about the models (but preferably not while driving!)

It’s particularly encouraging to see a luxury brand such as Bibendum embrace Twitter so well and enjoy such success. I’m amost tempted to raise my glass!


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