Another mini triumph

Press ad

Mini‘s latest global campaign for the new Mini Cabrio is a great example of how you can create a powerful campaign by turning a conventional insight completely on its head.

Most  advertising for cabrios tends to resort to the traditional approach of showcasing the car on the open road in glorious sunshine with the roof down.  But not Mini.  They’ve ingeniously recognised that drivers love the open-top driving experience so much that they’ll keep the roof down come rain or shine.  This paves the way for the  ‘Always Open‘ big idea and a humorous creative strategy which takes this insight to the extreme.

You can see more examples from this campaign in the Inspiration Room

Persil famously used a similar approach of turning a conventional insight on its head with their ‘Dirt is good’ campaign.  Some times the best insights are actually the inverse of the status quo – you just have to think of it first!


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