If only we’d dreamt up this

This beautiful music video to promote Oren Lavie’s single “Her Morning Elegance” has already generated nearly 6 million views.  If you haven’t seen it it’s a short animated film of a woman re-enacting her dreams as they unfold in her sleep.  What makes it so captivating is the way the bed mattress evolves as a canvas to present each dream.

The music industry has provided advertising with a lot of inspiration over the years. I wonder how long before a creative team adapts this creative idea and treatment to promote a particular product?

Updated – 4th August 2009

Well my prediction didn’t take long! This television ad for Target Australia is directly inspired by Oren Lavie’s music video, using the same concept and stop motion technique to dramatise their colourful product range.


Product: Target Colour 2009
Client: Target (Brent Liebenberg)
Agency: The Campaign Palace, Melbourne
Creative Directors: Gerhard Myburgh
Creative: Jacqui Paterson
Production Company: PRODIGY
Creative: Jessica Harold
Director: Dael Oates
TV Production: Fiona Gillies
Exec Producer: Jonathan Samway
Account Management: Jayne Driver
DOP: Peter Eastgate
Account Management: Georgie Brown
Animator Designer: Matt Boug
Account Management: Laura Bathurst
Animators: Lewis Morley Marketing Analyst: Belinda Symes
Brian Carlin Marketing Analyst: Marianne Kevric


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