Creating a Social Media Hub

The chances are you have already started to build a presence in social media whether that’s creating a brand community or fansite, seeding video clips or photos, syndicating podcast content, publishing a corporate blog or developing a particular widget.  However, to ensure these gain maximum exposure you should consider creating what Samir Balwani calls a ‘Social Media Hub‘. This is basically a haven on your brand website where you aggregate all your social media content into one place. There are several advantages for doing this:

Consumer benefits:

  1. Visibility: Consumers can easily see at a glance where you are in social media
  2. Convenience: It provides a one-stop-shop for anything related to your brand
  3. Accessibility: Social consumers can access all your social media environments from one place
  4. Choice: Consumers can choose how they wish to interact with your brand in their own prefered social media environment
  5. Topicality: By incorporating the latest live feeds from your blogs, discussion threads, podcast releases etc into your Social Media Hub, consumers can easily stay up-to-date on the latest brand developments without having to go to multiple different sources

Brand benefits

  1. Awareness: It clearly builds awareness of all your social media content and helps to drive traffic to those sites
  2. Website stickiness: it makes your website more sticky as consumers have more reasons to revisit because of the fresh content/feeds
  3. Community building: it provides a central conduit to help evangelists connect with each other in social media communities.

Good examples

There are different degrees of creating a Social Media Hub.  Obama’s websites and blogs includes this helpful widget signposting all their social media communities.Obama Everywhere aggregates all its social media environments within the Jeep Experience section of their website which is dedicated to the Jeep community.


Dell Community indexes its social media platforms as well as include numerous live feeds from blogs and discussion forums.

Dell Community

But perhaps the purist examples of Social Media Hubs are Axe/Lynx, Skittles and Modernista as discussed in an earlier post this month.


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