Philips Carousel stops everything in its tracks

[UPDATED: This film advertisement received a Grand Prix at the Cannes International Advertising Festival 2009 (Film Lions category)]

Philips have launched an impressive interactive campaign to promote the latest product launch in the television market – the CINEMA 21:9.

Considering this product is designed to appeal to movie aficianados it makes perfect sense to create a short film and seed this on video sharing sites to create buzz. But you really have to watch the film to see how they’ve taken this to the next level.

Created by Tribal DDB, Stink Digital and Director Adam Berg.

As well as seeding this short film, Philips have created a Carousel trailer in the form of rich media takeover banners to drive traffic to the site.

The website is worth checking out too. As you can imagine, the epic film plays a central role where they’ve tried to simulate the cinematic experience online but there are some other additional touches which are worth noting.

The preloader doubles up as a credit sequence to continue the movie theme. They’ve also integrated some neat interactive video hotspots embedded in the film so that the viewer can stop the film in its tracks and be transported to a behind-the-scenes narrative from the director and special effects team.

All very impressive. Now where did I put that popcorn?


Credits: Campaign created by Tribal DDB Amsterdam and Stink Digital.


2 thoughts on “Philips Carousel stops everything in its tracks

  1. Fantastic example of how digital graphics and animation have progressed. It’s a fascinating film trailer with plenty of interesting scenes. However, wasn’t this pioneered by the film The Matrix back in 1999?

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