4 innovative photo mosaics

If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what you can convey with a photomosaic!

National Geographic’s new Infinite Photograph turns over 300,000 amazing photographs into a “boundless picture of the earth.” The photos were not only sourced from its huge archive but also from user submissions. Each image is simply stunning and has been carefully vetted to maintain the high standards you’d expect from National Geographic.

And then there’s the DeepzoomObama. This 10,000 x 10,000 pixel mosaic image was created from over 12,000 thumbnails uploaded by Obama supporters on BarackObama.com.

Sneakers have recently taken this a step further by creating an interactive mosaic. ‘Sneaker Mirror‘ is an interactive installation which reproduces the pixels of a live webcam feed using images of over 100 sneaker images. The image dynamically changes in line with the movement of anyone who walks in front of the webcam. The project was developed in Processing and displayed on a 9′ x 12’ rear projection screen.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Sneaker Mirror", posted with vodpod

Finally, there’s the emergence of video mosaics which follows the same principles. This YouTube Mosaic Music Video is a digital piece of art that was made from 1.4 million tiles, and thousands of unique YouTube video stills. You’ll recognise a lot of these stills I’m sure.

This unusual technique is certainly innovative and ‘of the moment’ right now but it’s inevitable that the novelty factor will start to wane if brands don’t try to evolve the idea in some way. The reason I picked these examples is precisely because they all demonstrate how the same idea has evolved to create something new and inspiring in its own right, whether that’s presenting an infinite stream of beautiful photos, integrating crowdsourcing/UGC, producing an interactive installation or transferring the technology into the video arena.

More often than not, marketing innovation is less about radical invention and more about making enhancements to make a good idea even better. Think evolution, rather than revolution.

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