If only we’d thought of a karaoke flashmob

Following T-mobile’s success of the ‘Dance flashmob’ in Liverpool Street Station, the telecoms brand has followed this up with the next iteration of the campaign…a karaoke flashmob.

For any sceptics out there who may think this is just a simple publicity stunt, think again. This recent campaign is an excellent example of how Participation Marketing, combined with social media, can be employed to create significant brand engagement.

To build anticipation and encourage consumers to take part in the event, T-mobile posted a video clip on YouTube inviting them to come to Trafalgar Square on Thursday 30th April at 6pm. The video was viewed 28,000 views.

A crowd of 13,500 people turned up to the event where they were provided with microphones to sing along to a number of tunes including Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, The Foundations’ “Build Me Up Buttercup” and “Hey Jude”. Pink was also there as a mystery guest to add to the excitement.

The ad was then broadcast last night for the first time during Britain’s Got Talent which boasts viewing figures of 11.9 million.

Post event
Where participation marketing comes into its own however is the way in which participants vocalise their enthusiam for the event off their own back. There was heightened chat on Twitter leading up to the event and this has been growing ever since.

A quick search on flickr also reveals 330 independent search results for ‘T-mobile Trafalgar Square‘ which will be viewed by an extensive network of flickr followers. And as you’d expect, literally hundreds of participants have uploaded their own mobile clips from the event on YouTube, generating hundreds of thousands of views and discussions to boot.

To help fuel the hype T-mobile have also created a YouTube channel dedicated to their sing-along ‘Life’s for sharing’ campaign which currently enjoys 3,500 subscribers and 1 million views across a number of video assets.

Perhaps what’s most impressive is that all this buzz has been achieved within the last 3 days. Which goes to show that Participation Marketing, when combined with the power of social media and broadcast TV, can be an extremely effective way to build brand awareness, engagement and evangelism.


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