Vodafone Zoozoo campaign gains cult following

This entertaining campaign by Vodafone was brought to my attention by Interactive Marketing Blog and is proving to be particularly popular in India by all accounts. It’s a series of ads created by Ogilvy & Mather (India) which aims to dramatise various service features including voicemail, cricket score alerts and musical greetings to name but a few. You can see a collection of the amusing clips here.

Some executions work better than others in conveying the service benefits but there’s no denying there’s an irresistable charm to these sketches and the rather alien-looking characters. It’s no wonder they’ve amassed a cult following already. As well as a YouTube channel which is now the second most subscribed channel in India, Vodafone have created the Zoozoo facebook fanpage which has attracted no less than 137k fans so far, generating a fair amount of engagement. You can view all the ads, vote for your favourite clips, download ringtones, screensavers or wallpapers and even partake in a quiz using their Zoozoo facebook app.

Vodafone Zoozoo facebook fanpage

Vodafone Zoozoo facebook fanpage

Is this a good example of using social media marketing to support the above the line? On the whole, a resounding yes. There’s no doubt that the social media elements of this campaign will help to build brand equity and affinity. Instead of passively watching the occasional ad on TV, consumers can now engage with the content, demonstrate their allegiance and actively voice their enthusiasm.

The two social media environments also help to aggregate content, making it easy for fans to engage with the whole campaign and consequently familiarise themselves with the wider range of product benefits. Furthermore, I’m sure the fanpage has attracted new followers through peer-to-peer recommendation who may not have otherwise come across the campaign.

However, despite its apparent popularity, the fanpage appears to be little more than a campaign showcase. For a fanpage to have longevity and remain truly active, the community really needs a reason to create content so that it builds momentum of its own accord and that’s what’s currently missing in my view. Whilst instant polls or asking viewers to talk about their favourite ad has its place, it’s hardly going to fuel discussions for the long term, let alone drive footfall to the Vodafone stores.

One way to make this fanpage work slightly harder would be to provide some additional info and advice around the actual features communicated within the ads. Whilst I admit it’s a fine line to tread, this campaign fanpage could helpt to educate the audience further on the various Vodafone service offerings being promoted in the campaign – perhaps in the form of discussion threads – provided it’s done tactfully and with a degree of restraint and humility.


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