VW GTi takes poll position with virtual Scalextrics

To coincide with the UK launch of the new Golf GTI on May 22, Volkswagen have just developed a fully interactive campaign microsite called the GTI project. The GTI Project celebrates the car and its history and consists of a virtual racing game which is modelled on an actual Scalextric track in order to demonstrate the vehicle’s handling capabilities.

There are some nice touches too, from figuring out how to access the secret location to the lab technicians putting you back into position when you inevitably career off the tracks! There are also plenty of opportunities to find out more about the car including accessing the configurator and other shopping tools. As an added incentive, all competitors who succeed in completing the course within a certain lap time are entered into a free prize draw to test drive a GTI for 3 months.


vw race

It’s a simple yet inspired idea which is well executed, rooted on the product USP whilst tapping into the increasing popularity of online gaming which is likely to appeal to the GTI audience. And because of the competitive nature of the game it should have huge viral potential as players challenge their friends to the top spot on their own leaderboard.

In fact, if you fancy racing against me you can join my league called ‘If only I could win this’.

Bring it on!



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