Amnesty’s latest ad campaign is a real ‘head-turner’

Amnesty International have developed this very impactful, digital billboard campaign to raise awareness of  domestic violence.  It’s built on the simple insight that most domestic violence happens behind closed doors and is hidden from view.

However, it’s the clever use of eye-tracking technology which really brings this insight to life.  Whenever a person in front of the poster looks in its general direction they see a normal looking couple pretending to look happy.

amnesty2It’s only when the person looks away that the poster changes to a much more alarming scene.

Amnesty eye-tracking posterCredit: German Advertising Agency, Jung von Matt

What I find interesting with this campaign is not just the impressive eye tracking technology but rather the simplicity and single-mindedness of the whole idea.  The insight is hardly a revelation but it’s rooted in a consumer truth and is inspiring enough to act as a creative springboard from which to produce great work.  Sometimes it’s not the originality of the insight feeding into the proposition which makes for a great campaign – although that can help – but rather the creative scope and freedom it provides to generate a big idea.

Thanks to my fellow planner Olly Spalding for telling me about this compelling campaign.


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