Good mobile case study – OneWorld audiobooks

I rather like this short presentation by Katie Streten who’s Head of Insight at Imagination – and not just because it’s short!  It outlines an effective mobile campaign they’re currently running for OneWorld – a global airline alliance which includes the likes of BA, Quantas and American Airlines.

What I like about it is that the mobile campaign was developed after conducting some valuable research with business travellers to ascertain what they do during their time at airports.   According to the research, over 50% carry laptops, mobiles or reading material as a form of entertainment while they travel, and as many as 15% read audiobooks or ebooks.

As a result, they invited OneWorld customers to download an audiobook programme onto their phones using the airport wi-fi.  This programme gave them access to over 40 titles ranging from ‘Angels & Demons’ to ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. It’s perhaps not surprising that they have had over 11k downloads already.

It’s easy to treat mobile as just another channel to deliver a sales message but the best mobile campaigns in my view are those which leverage the unique attributes of the medium to provide a positive customer experience which no other channel can deliver.


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