Writing creative briefs

The creative brief is probably the most important document within the agency and yet it’s one of the hardest documents to complete to a consistently high standard.  I’ve seen some absolute blinders over the last 15 years of working in the industry –  but I’ve also seen a fair share of absolute howlers!

The truth is a lot of people have not been trained properly in the art of creative brief writing or they simply lack the capacity to write well-constructed, insightful and inspiring briefs.

I thought this presentation shared by Nick Emmel from dare is one of the best examples I’ve seen for a while on how to do it properly.  Whether you’re an experienced planner, an accomplished suit or just starting out in the business, I’d urge you to read this – not only does it highlight some of the common pitfalls but it might also make you think twice before filling in the blanks with any old tosh!


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