The Bear Hunter

This campaign by Tipp-pex was doing the rounds last week and had everyone in the office in stitches.  A hunter encounters a wild bear in the woods and instead of shooting it he invites the viewers to rewrite the script, building on the brands strapline ‘white and re-write’. I’ll leave you to enjoy the different permutations but make sure you type “marry”, “laughs” and “sex”!

It’s got heavy influences of Burger King’s subserviant chicken from years back, Old Spice’s latest campaign (with mulitple iterations) and that youtube campaign for cyber bullying which I reviewed earlier in the year. But don’t let that take anything away from it. It’s still an entertaining, interactive campaign which is very well-executed, imaginative and innovative. In fact, it has all the ingredients to ensure viral success.

I can’t remember the last time I used Tipp-ex so hats off to Paris agency Buzzman for putting this back on our radars.