10 tips for infectious viral content

The Marketer (The Chartered Institute of Marketing magazine) has solicited some top tips from various industry bods on how to produce infectious viral content. These are briefly summarised below but read the full article if you want more meat on the bones. Also you might even spot a top tip from me!

1. Timing

2. Get emotional

3. Be brave

4. Strike the right tone

5. Talent plus timing plus luck

6. Authenticity

7. Explore

8. Seeding

9. Personalisation

10. New platforms

Introducing Mr Monster Munch

Tattooing a brand logo on your torso always used to be held up as the ultimate demonstration of brand allegiance.  In fact, Harley Davidson have been dining out on that story for years and even YouTube has now got its die-hard tattoo fanatics.

But according to the Daily Telegraph last week, there’s an even more inventive way to proclaim your affinity with a particular brand…

Why not change your name to your favourite brand by deed poll?

Ok, I admit this isn’t a particularly new idea.  In 1995 you may remember there was a 30 year old marketing consultant who got so frustrated with Yorkshire Bank’s overdraft fees he changed his name to ‘Yorkshire Bank plc are Fascist Bastards‘. In some ways you have to admire the poor fellow for resorting to such drastic measures in order to make a point.

This latest news story continues in a similar vein but instead of changing his name out of protest, he’s done it out of adulation for the brand.  This guy loved eating Monster Munch crisps so much he decided to change his name by deed poll to Mr Monster Munch!!!  Complete lunacy – perhaps all those E numbers have finally started to take its toll.

Apparently, his name before the switch was Chris Hunt.  Had it been Mike Hunt, I may have been a bit more understanding!