RAF introduces Augmented Reality in Welcome Pack

RAF_Welcome_packAugmented Reality is all the rage these days but it’s easy to get a bit carried away with technology at the expense of building on a particular consumer insight. It’s far better for a creative idea to be built on a strong insight rather than forcing an idea around the latest gizmo.

That said, I like this AR example Tullo Marshall Warren have produced for young people interested in the Royal Air Force as it plays on their inquisitive nature, their passion for the “Red Arrows” and their predisposition to adopt new technology.

The welcome pack forms part of the CRM programme for the The Altitude online club, dedicated to 13 to 18 year-olds in full time education and provides information about life in the RAF.

The pack was made up of outer packaging, a letter with a personalised membership card and a small Augmented Reality card. When recipients go to the URL on the card and hold the card up to a webcam, they can see and interact with a projected 3D model of a Red Arrows aircraft, while watching an exclusive interview with one of the world-famous Red Arrows Pilots.

In addition, the magic symbol in the centre of the card acts as code: anyone who deciphers what it means is entered into a free prize draw to win an Altitude-branded iPod nano and sock.

It’s a great example of how to use direct mail to drive traffic online in order to create a rich and engaging online experience. I’ve no doubt this particular target audience will be fascinated with this kind of  technology and keen to show this to their friends.

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