The future of social media

Tom Ollerton from Skive is a fellow member on the IAB Social Media Council and has pulled together this great presentation on the future of social media.  Key take-outs for me include:

  • Social media will become omnipresent. We’re not there yet but social media will soon become a way of life rather than a specific marketing discipline. Everything we create digitally can already be socialised or shared in some shape or form – that was the premise behind the whole world wide web in the first place – so it’s only a matter of time before social media becomes the accepted norm.
  • Social media will continue to grow by capitalising on existing social behaviour eg
    • overcoming laziness – adoption of FB/Twitter Connect/open IDs. In fact, there’s rumours that Yahoo have just launched Y Connect to add to the mix;
    • facilitating our desire to share interesting content;
    • tapping into our insatiable appetite for online gaming.  Russell Davies gave an interesting talk a while back on the human trait of pretending which I reviewed here. It helps to explain to some extent why online gaming/virtual worlds have become so popular.
    • helping each other.  I particularly like Tom’s reference to ‘social shopping’ with Groupon’s recent collaboration with Gap which has generated a staggering $11m sales no less.  Expect to see more of these kind of social shopping initiatives.  eg check out Skoda and Uniqlo campaigns which went live recently.
  • The adoption of social currency. This was perhaps the biggest revelation for me – I never made the connection before but as more and more people adopt Facebook credits it will eventually become a global currency. Facebook really is taking over the world, god help us!

I would probably add to Tom’s  observations the issue around privacy which is gaining more and more traction these days.  In fact, according to Mashable today Facebook have just been accused of another privacy breach. It’s quite feasible that we’ll see a backlash as the socially connected become more concerned how their personal data is used and how their private lives remain in the public domain.

If you have any other social media trends you’d like to add, feel free to comment below.