Still can’t decide who to vote for? Then watch this.

If you still can’t decide who to vote for in tomorrow’s General Election then maybe these two digital resources may help?

First up is this Party Election Broadcast for the Conversative Party.  It’s hard to take any election broadcast seriously but this unofficial version is certainly no exception – it’s presented by my adorable little Goddaughter Hannah!

OK I may be a bit biased but I have to say I found this hilarious and very sweet. But at the same time I’m slightly disturbed that my brother is shamelessly grooming his kids to vote Tory at such a tender age!

Still not convinced? Well if you want a more balanced view before casting your vote then check out this interesting social media initiative I discovered via Google Barometer – the YouTube and Facebook Digital Debate.

YouTube and Facebook Digital Debata

And you thought Philips Carousel was impressive…

I really enjoyed Philips Carousel when it came out 12 months ago and felt it thoroughly deserved all the accolades, not just because of its inventive cinematography but also because it showed just how powerful online video can be as a brand building and buzz generation exercise when executed well.

So like the rest of us, I was looking forward to the next iteration of this campaign and pleased to say I wasn’t disappointed!  Instead of approaching one director, Philips have teamed up with five directors from Ridley Scott Associates and challenged them to create a cutting-edge short film in any genre they liked.  The one stipulation they had to follow was that they all had to use exactly the same script!  It’s quite an ingenious way to articulate the core proposition that there may be numerous ways to tell a story but only one way to actually watch them – on a Philips TV.

For your viewing pleasure I have included all five films below or you can view them in HD in the Parallel Lines microsite here.  Enjoy.

One of the things I particularly like about this campaign is the way they’ve seamlessly integrated multilple disciplines and digital platforms to maximise the social capital of the campaign.   Each platform within the mix fulfils a very specific role to the overall campaign whether that’s to build anticipation or hype around the launch event, encourage consumer participation and collaboration or facilitate the conversation in social media to extend the overall life of the campaign.   I’ll attempt to explain each role in turn from what I’ve gleaned so far.

Building anticipation through blogger outreach

So to build anticipation for the launch, Philips have undertaken a blogger outreach campaign where they’ve sent out intriguing boxes to influential film bloggers.  Inside each box was a note from RSA Films founder Ridley Scott inviting them to work out what the script is and attend the premiere screening.

Hosting the event on YouTube

To celebrate the premiere on 8th April, the homepage of YouTube featured the first ever media player in cinematic 21:9 format featuring scenes from the ‘Parallel Lines’ trailer.  From here consumers could access the dedicated Philips Cinema YouTube channel where the films can be watched on Philips unique ‘Ambiplayer’.

Encouraging participation through crowdsourcing

This year, they’ve also introduced an interesting crowdsourcing element to the campaign where consumers are invited to submit their own short film via their own branded contest channel on YouTube.  I think this is a very clever idea.   No doubt most submissions will be complete dross but I’m sure we’ll see some very intriguing and original interpretations from budding film directors, keen to get the exposure in front of their peers and Sir Ridley Scott!

Extending the life of the campaign through Facebook.

Finally, Philips have also created a dedicated Facebook page to support the campaign which is proactively moderated to produce lively debate and keep the conversation going.  It’s  already attracted a captive audience of 50,000 fans and shows promising signs that it will capture the buzz and generate further excitement around the campaign, not to mention a healthy pool of potential new prospects.

Credits: The Parallel Lines project was developed at DDB London. Digital agency was Tribal DDB Amsterdam.  PR Agency was One Vision.

Why limit yourself to a small video player?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A few weeks ago I posted about this engaging idea where the charity used the whole YouTube canvas to help bring the idea to life. I’ve since discovered a couple of other interesting creative executions which follow similar principles, but this time on the vimeo platform.

The first example is by Tostitos Restaurant Style Salsa which is a beautiful visual feast in its own right but which becomes even more dramatic when you watch it take over the whole vimeo screen. Watch it here if you want to enjoy the full visual experience.

The other example is from the classic ‘Let it Shine’ campaign for the Honda Insight where the whole screen dims to black for your cinematic viewing pleasure!

For me, the reason why all three examples work so well is because they not only surprise and delight but also because they provide a much richer and more immersive brand experience.   But as with all these things, you only have a small window of opportunity before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon.

Actually make that a rather big window!! 😉

Plagiarism or mini coincidence?

I came across a couple of interesting ambient ideas over Christmas (via Inspiration Room and Culturebuzz blog).  Both ideas are classic examples of  thinking outside the box (excuse the pun)! Just a shame they both thought of the same idea at the same time!

Here’s Mini’s ambient concept which dramatises the idea that if you were to buy a Mini for Christmas you’d have to ditch the box somewhere.

Then there’s Heineken where TBWA/Noboko have tried to capitalise on the successful walk-in fridge campaign from last year.

I reckon this is just an unlucky co-incidence rather than any act of plagiarism. What do you think?

Don’t miss Jack Bauer’s Christmas Special

Before we break for Christmas here’s an amusing viral video Christmas Card from the Rebel Viral Team. I think this is the best agency Christmas Card I’ve seen since AKQA’s impressive effort last year. Very funny.

Happy Christmas everyone and thanks for following the blog this year.


First press ad with embedded video

I must say I was impressed with this new technology which enables advertisers to feature a tiny video screen within their magazine print ad.  According to PSFK, CBS used this technology to promote their full line up of CBS shows in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly.  When the reader turns the page to reveal the DPS print ad, the video automatically starts playing.

It’s all thanks to the paper-thin hardware developed by Americhip which can store up to 45 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours of video, depending on the size of the memory chip.

But clearly it doesn’t have to stop at print ads. Now that this type of technology exists, we can expect to see an increasing number of brands adopt it across a variety of offline media, from inserts, take-ones and brochures to packaging, POS, direct mailings and Christmas Cards.  To get a sense of its versalitity and interactivity, check out this video below.