Ideas are useless. Execution is everything.

I’m sure there are plenty of memetic studies out there which help to explain why certain ideas gather momentum and self-propagate, whilst others barely feature on the Richter Scale.  Having failed to read them all I can’t claim to know all the answers. But what I do know is that coming up with a good concept is only half the battle. Quite often, what makes something achieve meme status is not so much the idea itself but the way it’s executed. How many good ideas have you seen which have been let down by poor execution? In fact,  to make the point a fellow planner @mvharrison once stuck a poster in our office as a constant reminder which says ‘ldeas are useless. Execution is everything.’

So what better way to demonstrate the importance of ‘execution‘ than to show a few examples from this popular meme known as ‘horsemanning‘…