Lynx celebrates 1 million fans with Rube Goldberg machine

Hats off to the Lynx team at TMW who have just published this great video to commemorate reaching the important milestone of 1 million fans.  The Rube Goldberg machine is a nod to all the Lynx products or campaigns over the years to the present day.  It was shot in one take but took over 58 attempts to get it right.  What I particularly like about this video is that you have to watch it carefully – and many times – to have any chance of guessing all the references. How many TV ads can do that?

If you’re impatient like me and can’t wait to figure out all the references, he’s the answers revealed in reverse order using You Tube’s video annotation.

7 Dimensions of Virality

Coming up with a viral campaign is never easy otherwise we’d all be doing it. But I do believe there are certain skills and techniques which one can deploy to improve one’s chances of viral success. I call these the 7 Dimensions of Virality and have summarised them in the chart below. It’s intended to add to the growing school of thought known as Propagation Planning. If you want the narrative which goes behind my thinking in this chart, please read my guest post on econsultancy 7 top tips for viral success.

Lynx (Augmented Reality) Fallen Angels in Victoria Station!

So many brands have jumped on the ‘Augmented Reality bandwagon’ that it’s in danger of becoming old hat already.  But every now again you see an execution where it all comes together brilliantly.  This latest campaign by Lynx Excite is a case in point.  What I like about it is the way they’ve seamlessly extended the big idea behind Fallen Angels and used AR to bring it to life, rather than relying on the technology to dictate the big idea.  I also think AR works best when used in experiential environments  like this as consumers get to enjoy the full virtual experience without having to overcome the usual barriers to entry, such as having to print out the AR code or switch on webcams.

This content was posted on the Lynx Effect Facebook page (managed by TMW) which already has over 200k social handraisers.  It’s definitely worth a peek – not only is it a good example of how to produce engaging content to build and cultivate an active community but it also features plenty of Lynx girls in various forms of undress 😉

For more posts on Augmented Reality, feel free to click here.

The Bear Hunter

This campaign by Tipp-pex was doing the rounds last week and had everyone in the office in stitches.  A hunter encounters a wild bear in the woods and instead of shooting it he invites the viewers to rewrite the script, building on the brands strapline ‘white and re-write’. I’ll leave you to enjoy the different permutations but make sure you type “marry”, “laughs” and “sex”!

It’s got heavy influences of Burger King’s subserviant chicken from years back, Old Spice’s latest campaign (with mulitple iterations) and that youtube campaign for cyber bullying which I reviewed earlier in the year. But don’t let that take anything away from it. It’s still an entertaining, interactive campaign which is very well-executed, imaginative and innovative. In fact, it has all the ingredients to ensure viral success.

I can’t remember the last time I used Tipp-ex so hats off to Paris agency Buzzman for putting this back on our radars.

Groove Armada’s latest music video

I’ve always liked the way the music industry tries to push the boundaries of creativity to help sell their records.  In fact, they face similar challenges to corporate brands in that they’re both trying to find new ways to get noticed and build a fanbase in an overcrowded market.  I imagine in musical circles it’s what’s known in the trade as building band equity!

Anyhow, the actual point I was going to make was that we can draw inspiration and learn a lot from the music industry and vice versa.  In fact, I wrote a post about this last year where a particularly creative treatment in a musical video was adopted for an advertising campaign.

On that note, I came across this fabulous music video today for Groove Armada for their latest track ‘Look Me In The Eye Sister’.    An original yet simple concept, beautifully executed.

via B3ta